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How to Watch Netflix on the Nest Hub

How to Watch Netflix on the Nest Hub

Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max give you a comfortable display to use with Google Assistant access and control. You can now watch Netflix on your Nest Hub device. This means Google’s Nest Hub has a huge advantage over the Amazon Echo Show and Facebook Portal, especially if you want built-in support for Netflix and YouTube.

Netflix is Finally Supported

Google announced on July 21, 2020 that Netflix is finally supported by smart displays. The Echo Show and Portal still don’t have official Netflix support. You can not only stream live from your device, but you can also cast Netflix to TV.


While Google already gives users access to Hulu, Disney +, CBS All Access, Sling TV, Peacock, and more, the ability to watch Netflix on Nest Hub devices gives users the best variety to choose from. Also, because Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max are also smart speakers, you can control everything with your voice after linking your Netflix account.

If you have the Nest Hub Max, there’s one extra feature – gesture controls. Since the Max model has a camera, you can wave your hand in front of the camera to pause and resume playback.

Your Netflix Account Link

Before you start watching Netflix, you need to link your Netflix account to your Google Home account. All you need is the Google Home app to get started.

Open the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet. Tap the Settings gear icon.


Tap Video.


Tap Netflix.


Tap “Link Account” and follow the instructions to sign in to Netflix and link your account in the browser of your choice.


You can also use the Google Assistant app instead of Google Home. The process is similar. However, instead of tapping the Settings gear icon, you tap on the menu in the top right corner.

Then, tap “Assistant Settings”.


Tap the “Services” tab.


Select “Videos & Photos”.


After that, proceed to linking your Netflix account.

As a warning, all of this is relatively new. I had to go through the process twice before it worked out properly. Other users have experienced similar difficulties. However, once everything is connected, you are all set.

One thing that can help is to choose a default device. This only applies if you have multiple Google Home devices. From within the Google Home app, tap the menu icon and select “Accounts and Devices”. Select your Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max device. Tap the Settings icon and select “Default TV” to use this device as the default for watching TV.

Watch Netflix on the Nest Hub

Once everything is connected, all you need to do is say “Hey Google, open Netflix”. You can scroll your options manually using the Nest Hub touch screen. You can also say: “Hey Google, play the name of the TV show on Netflix,” if you know the title of the show you want to play.


If you’ve been watching something on your smartphone, cast it straight to your Nest Hub to pick up where you left off. On your smartphone, open Netflix, and the shows you are watching. Tap the cast button and select your Nest Hub device.

Using Netflix Beyond the Nest Hub

You aren’t limited to just watching Netflix on Nest Hub devices. Now that it’s supported by Google, you can cast Netflix to Chromecast-compatible devices, like many TVs. Don’t forget you can also watch Netflix on the Raspberry Pi.

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