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How To Turn Off Automatic Clip Making on Twitch

How To Turn Off Automatic Clip Making on Twitch

Twitch streamers that play background music have been hit with a DMCA takedown notification for using copyrighted songs. Some of these clips were posted last year. If you manually deactivate all clips made, you can protect yourself from possible flags in the future.

The company has not provided a tool with makers to delete all clips marked with one click. That’s why streamers with large library of clips stored at risk of being tagged repeatedly, or even prohibited. Twitch has advised streamers who feel they might risk removing all clips from their channel.

How to Remove Old Twitch Clips

If you are interested in deleting old Clips from your Twitch channel, log in to your Twitch account, click your username in the top right, and then select “Dashboard Creator” from the drop-down menu.


Select “Content” from the menu on the left (located above the “Preferences” menu), then click “Clip.”


This will list all the clips that you made on your Twitch channel, as well as everything you made from your stream or someone else’s.

On the right, under “List View,” select the radio button next to “My Channel Clip.” This will filter out any clips not made by your channel.


To select and delete all of these, select the check box next to “Info,” and then click “Delete Selected.”


All selected clips will be deleted.

How to Deactivate Making New Clips

To disable the creation of new clips, log in to your Twitch account and navigate to the Creator Dashboard (mentioned above). Select “Channels” under the “Preferences” drop-down menu.


In the “Preferences” tab, you’ll find your Stream Key. Here, you can edit permissions and make changes to your profile picture or banner, along with other editing options.

Under “Stream Key and Preferences,” you’ll see the option to “Enable Clips” from your stream. It will be grayed out if clips are already disabled. If not, though, just toggle-Off the slider. This will prevent you or anyone else from creating new clips from your streams or past broadcasts.

Note that this won’t clear any old clips you’ve saved on your Twitch channel; it only prevents new clips from being made.


You can also disable Twitch from saving your old broadcasts by turning off the Off the “Store Past Broadcasts” option.

When you disable clips on Twitch, it prevents viewers from being able to make clips of your content. Although this removes the path of engagement with your channel, it can protect you from possible copyright attacks.

If you are worried about changes made by Twitch to copyright enforcement, and you regularly play music in your stream, this is the precaution you should take.

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