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How to Share Video with Sound when Zooming, the Microsoft Team, and Google Meet

How to Share Video with Sound when Zooming, the Microsoft Team, and Google Meet

The screen sharing process in the remote meeting application seems to be quite easy. Press the share screen button followed by selecting the window you want to share. That’s it. What if you are in a meeting and you are sharing a video but the participants can’t hear anything? That can be terrible. How do you share videos with audio in applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams? Find the answers in this post.

Let’s start with the Microsoft Team and Google Meet followed by a detailed guide to Zoom too. Because Zoom supports audio sharing without screen sharing, we discussed it too. As a bonus, we have also answered various popular questions about sharing audio in this application at the end of the post.

Let’s get started.

How to Share Video with Audio in the Microsoft Team

At this time, the feature to share your screen with videos and sounds in Microsoft Teams is limited to Windows applications. You can’t use it on Mac and mobile applications (Android and iOS). Additionally, you will not be able to share computer audio if you use the Whiteboard on the Team or when sharing PowerPoint files.

To share the audio system in the Microsoft Team, click the Share icon in the toolbar below at the Microsoft Team meeting. A number of options will appear. First, check the box next to Include audio and then the system, select your sharing mode.


How to Present Videos with Audio on Google Meet

Until mid-April 2020, Google Meet did not have the ability to share audio systems. Then, Google launched an update to introduce the functionality of adding a sound system on Meet. Now, when you share the Chrome tab on Meet, you can enter the audio system. So, other people can hear whatever is playing in a particular tab.

To use this feature, open Chrome and play the video you want to share the sound with in a meeting. If it looks and sounds good, open Google Meet, and join the meeting.

Click the Present now button at the bottom and select the A Chrome tab.


Select the Chrome tab from the list of open tabs. Make sure you check the box next to Share audio at the bottom. Then, click Share.


How to Share Video with Audio on Zoom

Since this feature is available on desktop and mobile applications, let’s check the steps separately.
Share Videos with Sound in Zoom Desktop Apps

When you activate this feature, any audio that is played on your computer will be heard by others.

Here are the steps for sharing audio in Zoom:

Step 1: Join the Zoom meeting.

Step 2: Click the Share Screen button in the bottom toolbar.


Step 3: You will be shown a window that you can share. Select which contains your video. It can be from a browser or video on your computer.

Then, check the box next to ‘Share computer voice’ at the bottom and press the Share button.


Share Computer Audio in Zoom After Screen Sharing

If you have started sharing your screen, you don’t have to stop sharing to play computer audio. To share or stop computer audio after you start sharing the screen, point your mouse to the top edge of the screen. A toolbar will appear. Click the three dot icon and select Share computer sound. Repeat the steps to turn off the audio.


Share Videos with Sound in Zoom Mobile Apps

Although the screen sharing function is available in the Zoom Android application, you cannot share audio with it. However, things are different from the iOS app version where you can share your mobile audio.

For this, you can simply tap the Share content button at the bottom in the Zoom meeting. Then select Screen.


Screen Broadcast The screen will appear. Tap on Zoom and press the Start Broadcast button. Now, play audio or video on your cellphone, and others will hear the same audio.


To stop the broadcast, tap on the top edge of the screen and select Stop from the pop-up menu that appears. You will be taken to the Zoom Zoom screen. Tap anywhere to return to the call.


Bonus: How to Share Computer Sound in Zoom Without Sharing Screen

No screen sharing required when sharing computer audio. What if the user wants to play background music for live video?

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can share computer audio without displaying anything on the Zoom screen. Yes, you can even turn off your video. Other participants in the meeting will only see your profile picture and hear computer audio.

To play music in Zoom without sharing your screen, follow these steps:

Step 1: In the Zoom meeting, click on the Screen sharing option at the bottom.


Step 2: Click on the Advanced tab at the top. Then, select Music or Computer Sound Only and press the Share button.


Solution: Cannot Hear Audio From Others on the Mobile Phone in Zoom

If you can’t hear other people’s audio (both from the microphone and computer sound) on your cell phone, make sure you have the Merge Audio option on your cell phone. For that, just tap on the Join Audio option at the bottom of the meeting screen in the Zoom mobile application. Then, select Call via Audio device.


Frequently Asked Questions: Sharing Computer Voice in a Video Conference Application

Here are some common questions about sharing audio in applications such as Zoom, Meet, and the Microsoft Team.
Can People Hear and See You When Sharing Sound

That depends entirely on your camera and microphone settings. It’s up to you whether you want to keep it activated or not. These settings do not depend on the computer voice sharing feature. So, you can even talk and play videos together with the sound at the same time.
How to Change Audio Volume When Sharing Computer Sound

If you change your system volume, the volume will be changed only on your side. You need to change the volume in the application to increase it for others too. For example, if you play a song through YouTube, increase the volume on YouTube.


Does Using Headphones Affect Computer Audio

Not. You can continue wearing headphones while sharing computer audio.

Strong competition

All three applications allow you to share audio with video. However, Zoom is slightly ahead of the other two because it offers the ability to share sound without sharing the screen too. Zoom has the advantage over Google Meet in terms of other features too. Facebook even introduces the Room feature to compete with Zoom. Let’s see what features this application will bring in the future.

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