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How to Join a Meeting in the Messenger Room

How to Join a Meeting in the Messenger Room

You can join the Facebook Messenger Room Meeting with a Facebook account or without an account as a guest

Facebook gives you another way to connect with your family and loved ones. Facebook has been dedicated to making you feel present now or with other events when you are not physically present.

To enhance the feeling of ‘being together’, even more so, Facebook has introduced Space Messenger so users can spend time with their closest and dearest people. Messenger Rooms are available on Facebook Messenger, you don’t need to install them separately.

If you have received an invitation to join a Messenger room meeting, be aware that there are two ways you can join a meeting in the Messenger Room. You can join as a login (with your Facebook account), or as a guest without the need for a Facebook account.

Join the meeting in the Messenger room with your Facebook account

The only way you can join a meeting created in the Messenger Room is when the host or meeting participant invites you by sharing the meeting room invitation link.

If you receive an invitation to join the Messenger Room meeting, then open a web browser if you are using a computer, or just tap to open it in the Facebook Messenger application or Facebook on your smartphone.

Below is an example of the Facebook Messenger Space meeting invitation link. Don’t try to open it (this is a mock link).

After you open the invitation link, you will see the following screen with the option to ‘Join as Your Name’ button if you are already logged in with your Facebook account. Room names will be from the person who is hosting the meeting. To join, click the ‘Join’ button.


After the meeting, you must be able to see and hear everyone and everyone will be able to see and hear you.

If you want to turn off the camera or microphone for some reason, you can use the options in the toolbar at the bottom of the meeting screen.


Join the Messenger Meeting Room as a Guest

If you have received an invitation to join the Messenger Room meeting but you don’t have a Facebook account, don’t worry! Facebook Messenger Room is designed to be joined by anyone, even people who don’t have a Facebook account.

Either that, or you just want to join the meeting as a guest. Deliberately want to hide your identity in open space meetings by not using your Facebook account.

To join a Facebook Messenger Room meeting as a guest, open the invitation link and make sure you are not logged in with your Facebook account in the browser or in the Facebook or Messenger application.

On the join Messenger Room screen, enter a Name for yourself, make sure you agree to the terms and policies and then press the button that says ‘Join as a Guest’.


You will enter the meeting as a guest with your video and microphone turned on by default. Everyone will see and hear you, and all will be able to do the same after you enter the meeting room.

At any time, if you want to turn off the camera or microphone, just tap / click on the camera and the mic button at the bottom to turn it on / off.

It doesn’t matter if you join the meeting as a guest or as a Facebook user, you can still see everyone in the meeting, even see the names of all participants and have the ability to invite others by sharing the invitation link as well as accepting.

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