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How to Flip an Image in Microsoft Word

How to Flip an Image in Microsoft Word

Even though Microsoft Word is not known for its photo editing capabilities, it has several basic features that you can use as image mirroring. If you want to flip the image in Microsoft Word, this is what you need to do.

These steps should work for all the latest versions of Microsoft Word that you have, including Office Online and Microsoft 365.

If you want to flip the image in Word, you must first open the document that contains the image that you want to manipulate. This can be any image that is included in your document. You can also do this in other shapes or images that you put in Word.


To flip the image, make sure the image is selected by clicking on it. From the ribbon bar, select the “Format” tab under the “Drawing Tools” section (or “Drawing Tools” for other types of images or objects).

From there, click on the “Rotate Object” icon in the “Arrange” section. This icon may appear larger or smaller, depending on your available screen resolution and the size of the Microsoft Word window itself.


A drop-down menu will appear below the icon, with various options to rotate and flip your image.

To flip the image so it appears upside down, click the “Flip Vertical” option. If you want to mirror the image horizontally, select the “Flip Horizontal” option instead.


The effects of the image you choose will be applied to your image automatically.


You can then reposition your image, or make further changes using the “Drawing Tool” menu (or “Drawing Tool”). For example, you can delete the background from an image using the default eraser tool offered in Microsoft Word.

If you want to flip the image upside down, select the “Undo” icon found in the upper left of the window immediately after applying the effect, or press Ctrl + Z (Cmd + Z on Mac) on your keyboard.

Or, repeat the steps above to cancel the effect. For example, if you use the “Reverse Vertical” effect twice, this will return your image to its previous state.

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