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How to Disable Video Playback on LinkedIn

How to Disable Video Playback on LinkedIn

A feature that many social networking platforms implement is an auto-play video. The purpose behind this concept is to encourage your involvement with content. The first few seconds of playing a video might be enough to attract your interest in a video that you might not watch. Many people find this feature annoying and disable it if possible.

LinkedIn is one of the social media sites that by default plays videos in your feed. Of course, as a business-oriented platform, a decent percentage of the videos that you meet on LinkedIn are advertising or sales promotions Fortunately, LinkedIn allows you to disable auto-playing if you don’t like the feature.


To disable auto-rotate on the LinkedIn website, you need to click the “I” icon in the top bar, and then select “Settings & Privacy” from the drop-down box.


Click on “Me” and then “Settings & Privacy” to open LinkedIn’s settings.

LinkedIn Settings will open privacy settings in a new tab. To get to the auto-rotate settings, you must click the “Account” header at the top of the page, then click the “Site preferences” header in the column on the left.


The auto-play setting is under the “Account” and “Site Preferences” headers.

The auto-play video setting is the third option in the Site Preferences subsection. Click the “Autoplay videos” label to open the settings then click the slider so that it moves to the “No” position. This change takes effect immediately, you don’t need to save your changes, you just need to close the settings tab.


Click on the “Autoplay videos” label and then set the slider to “No” to disable auto-play.


On Android and iOS, you can open LinkedIn settings by tapping your profile picture in the upper left corner of the application, then tapping “Settings” in the slide-out menu.


Tap your profile picture in the top left, then tap “Settings”.

In the list of options, tap the sixth setting down, labeled “Autoplay videos”, to configure auto-rotate settings


Tap “Automatic video play” in the settings, it is the sixth setting from the top.

Now you can choose between three settings for auto-rotate. “Video Do Not Play Back Automatically”, “Wi-Fi Connection Only”, and “On Cellular Data and Wi-Fi Connections”. Just tap “Never Autoplay Videos” to disable auto-playing completely.


Tap “Never Autoplay Videos” to disable automatic playback.

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