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How to Delete Emails Automatically in Gmail

How to Delete Emails Automatically in Gmail

Gmail is the most popular email provider in the world. This service comes by default on all Android devices. In 2020, email experience is not limited to receiving emails from your company or bank. Today, consumers receive marketing emails, newsletters and promotional offers from dozens of email providers. It’s confusing to filter out important emails and you might need to delete some unwanted emails. But the process can be time consuming and annoying. Luckily, Gmail allows you to delete emails automatically.

There are several reasons to delete unwanted emails in Gmail. First, by keeping your inbox clean, you can find relevant e-mail quickly and easily. Google Gmail calculates 15GB of space against Google Drive’s storage base. After a few years, your Gmail inbox will be filled with thousands of emails that require a lot of storage in Gmail. If you exceed 15GB of storage, you must choose a Google One subscription package.


In this post, we will talk about how to delete emails automatically in Gmail and discuss other tricks to improve your Gmail experience. Let’s get started.

Automatically Delete Email in Gmail

Most newsletters and marketing companies offer a small Unsubscribe button to opt out of their mailing lists. But practice takes time because you have to go to every company email, find the small unsubscribe button and confirm the action from another window. We have a better solution. Use Gmail filters.

Gmail offers filters to manage incoming email automatically. Using filters, you can create many rules for email organizations. Here, we will create a filter to automatically delete emails from Gmail. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Gmail on the web and sign in using your Google account credentials.

Step 2: From the Gmail Inbox screen, tap the ‘Settings’ icon in the upper right corner.


Step 3: From the Gmail Settings screen, open the Filter and Blocked Addresses tab.

Step 4: Here, you will see a list of filters that you have created. Scroll down to the bottom screen and select the ‘Create new filter’ option.


Step 5: Enter the email address that you want to automatically delete going forward, ignore the other options, and select Create Filter at the bottom.


Step 6: From the following menu, you can choose many options. Since we are talking about the automatic delete function, select the Delete option.


Step 7: Tap on the Create filter at the bottom.

You can create as many filters as you want. Gmail will automatically delete incoming email from the email address that was added.

Gmail also allows you to create filters directly from the email details menu. Open any e-mail you want to delete automatically, tap the three-point menu, and select Filter messages like this option. A filter menu will open and you can create filters for email addresses directly from there.


Use the Email Studio Add-On in Gmail

There are limitations with Gmail filters. This only works with new inboxes. You can’t set filters in Gmail that will automatically delete all old newsletters and promotional emails from your mailbox. Or a separate filter that will apply different labels to emails after a few days and mark them as read. Enter a third-party Gmail add-on called Email Studio.

Email Studio is a Gmail add-on that helps you keep your inbox clean and free from clutter with the automatic cleaning function. Follow the steps below to set up the service from the start.

Step 1: Download and install the Studio Email add-on using the download link below.

Step 2: You will find the add-on right next to the Gmail home screen.


Step 3: Tap on Email Studio, and tap on Email Cleanup options.

Step 4: Email Studio will ask for many permissions to function correctly with your Gmail Inbox. Let them.


Step 5: Add-ons will open a separate window to create filters.

Step 6: Email Studio offers many options. Here, we will talk about the Email Cleanup function. Move to the Clean menu above.

The interface is similar to Gmail Filter, but its function is more advanced. You can create a Rule name, add an Email address, and then select the Email Received timeline.


After adding the required details, select the action that you want the Email Studio to do. Select ‘Send to Trash’ and save the filter.

For example, in the screenshot above, I have created a filter to send emails from certain email addresses to the trash. Gmail automatically removes trash after 30 days.

Leave Gmail Inbox Hassle-free

By using the default Gmail filter, you can automatically delete all random inboxes in your inbox. If you want to automatically delete an existing email, then go ahead and try Email Studio. Its implementation is far better than Google’s official solution.

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