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How to add PDFs to Microsoft Word

How to add PDFs to Microsoft Word

As a Microsoft Word user, you use applications for all types of things. Word can help you with work documents and even for school work.

Adding PDFs to Word documents might sound complicated, but it’s easier than it looks. Apart from adding PDFs to Word documents, there are also options that you can choose to modify the PDF icon.

How to Enter PDFs into Microsoft Word Documents

After the Word file opens, click on the Insert tab and click on the Text dropdown menu. The menu will not have too many options to choose from, click the Object option.


After clicking the Object option, a new window will appear. When that happens, click on the Create from File tab and select Browse.


After you select the PDF that you want to add to the file, click the OK button. Right below the Browser button, you have the option to enter PDF as a linked object. To do this, check the box named Link to File.

You will also see an option to add icons that represent files and will not be displayed as a preview. You can check the box too if you want. Both options can be checked.


To personalize the PDF icon click on the Display as icon option, followed by the Change Icon button. After you find the icon, you want to use OK to save your changes.

If what you want to do is insert PDF text into a Word file, that’s also possible.


Repeat the following steps: Insert> Text> Text from File. Look for the PDF file that has the text you want to add, and after selecting it, I’ll see a message telling you that the process can take a while. It really only takes a few seconds.

How to Add PDFs to Microsoft Word Files Using Google Docs

If the PDF that you want to add to a Word document is stored in Google Docs, I will be happy to know that there is a download option that allows you to download it directly to Microsoft Word.

Open the PDF file in Google Docs and click the File option in the upper left. Place the cursor in the Download option, and a side window will appear with the Microsoft Word option being the first in the list.



It is always a good idea to have more than one option when it comes to adding something to a file. You can always choose the option that best suits you. How often do you install PDFs to your Microsoft Word files?

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